2024 Tax Credit

Legislative Urgency

The HEART tax credit will expire this year unless our elected officials take action - Contact your legislators today!

2024 Cap Status

2024 Tax Credits Applied For: $14,854,549


2024 Tax Credits Remaining: $60,145,451

About Georgia HEART

Georgia HEART is helping hospitals and donors enhance access to rural health care through the rural hospital organization expense tax credit.

Making an Impact


Number of rural hospital organizations participating with the Georgia HEART Hospital Program


Georgia income tax credit taxpayers receive for the amounts they contribute to qualified rural hospitals

$75 M

Dollar amount of tax credits made available to Georgia taxpayers each year, beginning in 2023

HEART Hospitals

The Georgia Department of Community Health has qualified the following hospitals as rural hospital organizations to which individuals and corporate taxpayers may contribute and receive a 100% Georgia income tax credit.

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